Ambition for NO Addiction


Healthy Gaming is a 501C3 nonprofit organization committed to raising awareness of the widespread video game addiction, especially among youth, and advocating for societal and industrial efforts to mitigate the issue.

Michael Zhang – Founder

Michael is a freshman at Cherry Creek High School in Colorado. Michael struggled with video game addiction for a few years and got into a lot of trouble at school and home. 

After realizing that he had a video game addiction, Michael received extensive support from professionals and parents to rid of the addiction. After a few months of improvements and sometimes relapses, Michael has regained control and is thriving academically and social-emotionally.

Michael gave a  TEDx talk on his video game addiction recovery journey, which has garnered thousands of views. During his research on the topic, Michael realized that video game addiction is a broad issue impacting millions of adults and kids. Michael came to the conclusion that video game addiction is a societal issue and needs much more than individual efforts. Rather, anti-gaming addiction industries are on the rise. Furthermore, regulations need to be put in place to mitigate the issue.

Michael’s TEDx experience helped him clarify his views on video game addiction. To promote more big ideas in his community, Michael hosts the annual  TEDxCherryCreekHS events to provide a platform for more ideas worth spreading.

Stephen Zhang – Co-Founder

Stephen Zhang is a sophomore at Cornell University majoring in Computer Science. Stephen was obsessed with video games during his middle school and high school years. He often woke himself up with an alarm to play video games. After realizing how detrimental his video game behavior was to his school performance, he managed to balance his work time and play time. 

Stephen is passionate about software development, especially AI development. Stephen is keen on helping youth enjoy video games while refrain from getting addicted.